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Kids are growing up in a world that narrowly defines success.

What happens when we let a child's passions take the lead?
And they follow their own route forward.
With support, guidance and fortitude.

Holistic Coaching

Academics. Passions. Purpose.

  • Developing systems of organization and study skills to help ease the stresses and frustration of an academic course load. 

  • Programs can focus on writing skills, reading skills, organizational skills, math skills or a combination. 

  • Focusing upon a student's strengths and interests to bolster identified weaknesses helps students enjoy the daily responsibilities of middle and high school academic classes.

  • Students work with TE through a variety of avenues including in-person meetings, online communications and text messaging. 

Executive Function Skills Coaching works with the individual student to identify executive function skill strengths and weaknesses.  We then work together to develop meaningful and relevant strategies to better manage academic requirements.  This program is designed around 1-weekly in-person meeting as well as daily electronic check-ins, proof reading and remote support.  This program is designed to help students who know little about their learning strengths and weaknesses and help them better capitalize on their strengths to bolster their weaknesses.

Writing Support Program helps students who specifically struggle with getting their thoughts on paper in an organized and meaningful manner.  Supporting the assignments given in a students school classes, we work together to identify the primary areas of challenge an individual student faces with expressing their ideas on paper and then create systems to overcome these challenges.  Students can work with me on a weekly or bi-weekly basis initially.  Once we gain a better understanding of the challenges and systems are created to overcome challenges, we can work together on an as-needed basis.

Prep School Application Support Program helps families and students identify potential secondary school options and helps families navigate the admission process from beginning to end.  This process includes a great deal of work with both parents and the student.

Gap Year/Summer Support Program helps students identify a variety of potential programs and experiences to pursue during a gap year or summertime period.  This program is designed to help each individual student understand their personal goals and aspirations while helping to create a meaningful path forward.

College Application Support Program helps students manage the various aspects of the college application program.  This program is designed to meet the specific needs of each students but can include the following:  college list building, college application essay support, scholarship identification and application support.

Spaces are limited in our programs because we work so purposefully with each student. 

Contact us today to begin a conversation. 

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